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A quality floor finish is essential to protect your timber floor from the effects of temperature and humidity as well as the damage that comes from normal wear and tear and spills. Unprotected or improperly protected wood flooring soon becomes scratched, scuffed and stained.

But your floor finish is not only for protection. It’s what gives your wood floor its unique character. Your choice of finish, or combination of finishes, will determine the color and sheen of your floor. Maybe you prefer a rustic look with a low-shine, clear finish that highlights the natural look of the wood. Or perhaps you prefer a more stylized look with an ebony stain and high gloss finish. Whatever your preference, we have a vast array of finishes that will suit the décor of any home or workplace. We can make your vision come to life.

Here are some of the floor finishes that Floor Sanding Townsville can offer.

Sanding floors in Townsville

Oils & Hard Wax Oils

Oils like linseed oil and tung oil penetrate the wood to bring out the wood grain and highlight the color. Oil floor finishes are not as durable as polyurethane, but stains or minor damage is usually easy to repair. And although you may need to refinish the floor more often, it’s often possible to do so without sanding it down first. Most oil finishes are low-shine, but hard wax oils can be buffed to a high shine finish. The low VOC content makes oil finishes an environmentally-friendly choice.


Polyurethane floor finishes can be either water-based or oil-based.

Water-based polyurethane is the preferred choice for many of our clients. It’s fast drying and versatile.  Because it is clear, you can put it on natural wood to preserve the rustic look and accentuate the grain. But you can also use it as a top coat with a stain finish. Water-based poly finishes tend to be matte or semi-gloss. Water-based polyurethane sealants form a protective layer on top of the wood, and are resistant to small impacts and abrasion. They can last a long time without requiring refinishing with proper care. Importantly, they are nearly free of VOCs, so they don’t produce harmful fumes and can be used in any environment, including public spaces.

Oil-based polyurethane is a little more expensive than water-based. The reason some people prefer oil-based polys is that they’re more durable than water-based, and it’s possible to get a higher gloss finish. However, that finish will yellow with age. Two other drawbacks for oil-based polyurethane are the high VOC content, which means they may not be suitable for all environments, and the longer drying time.


he main difference between a stain finish and an oil finish is that a stain will add color to your timber floor. Like oils, stains penetrate into the floor to give it color and some resilience against moisture and temperature changes. A wide range of stain colours are available, from lime wash (near white) to ebony (near black). We recommend a polyurethane coating on top of stain for extra protection against wear.

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