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Timber Floor Repairs in Townsville being performed by our team Townsville Floor Sanding
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Floor repairs Townsville

From small repairs to complete floor replacement, if you need any kind of wood floor repairs in Townsville, you can count on us. We can restore your solid hardwood floor, parquet floor, cork floor or laminated wood floor to new condition quickly and professionally. Maintenance and repairs are unavoidable, even with the highest quality wooden flooring. Just the wear and tear of daily life will dull and scuff your finish. Furniture can leave indentations, hard-soled shoes and pets can scratch the surface, and of course there will be accidents – dropping and spilling things. In addition, sunshine, temperature fluctuations and humidity will cause fading, warping and cracking. You may see floorboards start to lift up around the edges or come loose. Loose joints can cause stairs to creak. Townsville Floor Sanding are experienced in fixing all of these issues. Our skilled craftsmen are experts at restoring wood floors to their original condition. We know how to do patch repairs that blend seamlessly with the rest of the floor. We have the techniques to remove scratches and stains or fill holes and dents so that our work is perfectly colour-matched to your floor finish. If we need to replace damaged floor boards, we will carefully remove the old boards, prepare the subfloor, and then place new floor boards that fit seamlessly. Our team will also advise you on how to maintain the condition of your floor, so you’ll save time and money in the future. For all kinds of floor repairs in Townsville trusts us to do it professionally and affordably. Contact us today to find out what we can do for your floor repairs Townsville.
Timber floor repairs in Annandale by Townsville Floor Sanding

Cork floor repairs

Cork floors are an affordable flooring option that is becoming more popular as a “green” alternative to hardwood floors. However, cork tiles can easily be dented, scratched or water damaged if it doesn’t have a good polyurethane sealant on top. For scratches and dents we can repair them using colour-matched filler. For larger repairs we may wet-sand and then spot refinish with polyurethane.

Parquet floor repairs

We can replace damaged parquetry tiles or reglue loose ones. As with all or timber floor repairs, we’ll match the original material and stain. Once the damaged tiles are repaired or replaced, we’ll apply an oil or water-based polyurethane finish to match the rest of the floor. You won’t even notice that any work has been done.

We are renowned for offering reliable and affordable and hardwood, laminated, parquet, and cork floor repair services, and we’re more than happy to talk with you with your specific requirements. Just fill in the enquiry form or contact us.

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