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You should only trust your timber floor installation in Townsville to true professionals. Knowledge and experience matters, and a floor that’s poorly installed may not become evident until months or years down the road when the effects of heat and humidity have caused boards to warp, crack or loosen.

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Why choose timber flooring?

There are several good reasons to choose timber flooring for your Townsville home. Firstly, timber floors simply add a touch of sophistication to a room that you just can’t get with any other type of flooring. And it’s so versatile – it goes with a traditional décor or a modern one equally well.

A second reason is that timber flooring is easy to clean. Wood floors don’t hold onto dust and odours like carpeting, and most spills can be wiped up without leaving any trace.

Timber floors can be kept looking good for many years. When carpeting starts looking time-worn, it’s time to tear it up and replace it. But when your timber floor starts to show some wear and tear, you can restore its original lustre by refinishing.

Finally, timber flooring adds to the value of your home in Townsville. Home buyers are willing to pay more for the benefits of timber floors. So, you should definitely consider wooden flooring as an investment in the value of your home.

Of course, you need to keep your wooden floors in good condition. For the most part, that means maintaining the protective finish. A good finish minimizes damage to your floor boards from foot traffic, pets, furniture and spillage.

There several types of wood flooring you can choose from depending on your budget and other factors. High-grade, solid hardwood flooring can be expensive. Engineered timber flooring and laminated flooring can be cheaper and easier to install. Let’s have a look at these different timber flooring options.

Timber flooring options

Solid wood flooring is the top end option and the most expensive. Different species of wood have different characteristics of color, grain and hardness. Australian beech, blackbutt, Cypress pine, and American Oak are popular species for hardwood floors. Hardwood flooring is available in different grades. Higher grades have fewer imperfections like knots, and as you might expect, are more expensive. Solid wood flooring is not normally pre-finished. It will be finished to your specification on site after installation.

The second option is engineered timber flooring, which consists of a veneer of real wood on a substrate of plywood. Engineered timber floor boards are typically pre-finished, which reduces installation time.

A third option is laminated flooring. Laminated floor boards consist of layers of pressed wood with a photo image of a wood species laminated onto it and a clear protective layer on top of that. Laminate flooring is considered an economy option, but modern imaging technology makes it very real-looking. With its plastic layer on top it’s very durable, and blending repairs is a breeze because you can get identical replacement boards.

And then there’s parquet flooring and cork flooring as well. Like we said, a lot of options. It all depends on the aesthetic you want to achieve, your concern about environmental issues, and of course your budget.

Our experts will help you sort through it all and make the best choice for your floor installation in Townsville. Why not start talking with us today?

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