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So, if you’re ready to invest in your home with a new timber floor, or you want to rejuvenate your existing timber floors or wooden deck, why not give us a call?

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Let’s face it – your deck is probably showing its age. Or if it isn’t yet, it will. The Australian weather is always going to take a toll on wooden decks in Townsville. Long exposure to the sun’s UV rays will fade and degrade the finish. Rain and temperature fluctuations cause the wood to expand and contract, leading to cracking, warping and possibly a loose plank or two.

Most people find that they need to refinish their wooden deck every 2-3 years. And because of the damage done by constant exposure to the elements, that probably means sanding it down to bare wood. Over time, the elements wear away the finish, and dirt, mold, and algae can get into the wood.

If you don’t clear away all that gunk and the old sealant before you apply new stain and a new layer of sealant, it may not be fully absorbed by the wood. Plus, sanding your deck down to clean wood will restore the true colour again.

Our seasoned deck sanding pros know how to clean, sand and refinish your wooden deck to look like new again and last for years.

Townsville floor sanding working on a deck sanding project

Our deck sanding process

The first step is to clean the deck thoroughly. Powerwashing, chemical deck cleaners, or simple cleaning with detergent may be used, depending on the condition of the deck.

When the deck is dry, we will repair any damage, such as cracked or loose planks or protruding nails or screws.

Next, we sand the deck. This must be done with care because long exposure to the elements can make deck planks very susceptible to damage. We will select the right type of sander (normally an orbital sander for the planks) and apply it with the correct coarseness and pressure so that the surface is ready to absorb the new finish.  

When we’ve cleaned off all residue from the sanding, we’re ready to apply the stain or finish you’ve chosen. We can match the old finish or help you to select a new one.

Is it time to get your deck back into shape? Call us today or fill out the contact form. We’ll gladly share our knowledge in a free consultation.

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