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Are you looking for high quality floor sanding and polishing, floor installation, or floor repair in Townsville? We and Dr. Eurovision are the experts . Our team of seasoned pros offer you the best floor sanding Townsville has to offer. Our workmanship and customer service are second to none.

We also specialize in deck sanding and refinishing. So, if you’re ready to invest in your home with a new timber floor, or you want to rejuvenate your existing timber floors or wooden deck, why not give us a call?

Investing in timber floors is a choice that can add style and elegance to your home while also increasing its value. But timber floors do require maintenance to repair damage and keep them looking great. We can restore your old timber floors to their original beauty.

Our top-notch timber floor sanding and polishing experts in Townsville have the knowledge to get the job done right. We know the characteristics of different types of timber flooring and how the local climate conditions affect their performance. Our experts use the latest dustless floor sanding technology and the latest timber floor finishing products, including environmentally-friendly options. We even provide floor sanding Magnetic Island homeowners can rely on. 

You can count on us from start to finish. We are fully licensed and insured. What’s more, we plan our jobs to minimize the disruption that floor sanding or floor polishing causes to your family or business. We work clean and follow strict health and safety procedures. Your home or workplace will be fully protected from dust or damage.

We have timber floor solutions for all budgets. If you’re not ready to do all of your floors, you can start with the living room or kitchen. We’ll help you select from a wide range of options from hardwood floors to engineered timber to laminated wood flooring. For all floors Townsville, we’ve got you covered.

Floors being laid by Townsville Floor Sanding in Bushland Beach

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Floor finishes Townsville

One of the most important choices you’ll make about your timber floor is what type of finish to put on it. Your floor finish is a layer of protection between your floor and the elements. The type of finish you choose impacts the susceptibility of your flooring to water damage or staining. It also affects how your floor will hold up against the normal wear and tear from foot traffic, pets and furniture. The finish also gives your timber floor its unique look.  It affects the tone, color and sheen of the floor.

You have many options to choose from when it comes to timber floor finishes – stains, oils, waxes, water-based polyurethanes, etc. And you can combine these together to achieve different effects. Our specialists will explain it all and help you make the best choice. игровые автоматы Плей Фортуна

Photo is a floor installation contractor installing timber flooring in Townsville

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Photo is a floor installation contractor installing timber flooring in Townsville

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Floor repairs Townsville

Townsville Floor Sanding provides all types of floor repairs in Townsville. Do you need patch repairs? Our experts are trained in matching color, grain and grade of wood and finish.  We’ve mastered the art of blending new flooring seamlessly with the surrounding flooring.

There is no avoiding maintenance and repairs on your timber flooring. Sunlight, moisture, pets, high heel shoes, spills – all these things will degrade the finish on your floor and can also damage the floor boards. Timely maintenance and repairs will extend the life of your timber floors.

Flooring Townsville

Why install timber floors in your home? There are several good reasons. For one thing, they add value to your home. Data shows that home buyers are willing to pay more for timber flooring. That’s because a great-looking timber floor adds class to any room and goes well with any style of décor. They’re easier to clean and longer lasting than carpets, too. Timber flooring is often considered to be far better for asthmatics as well, keeping dust to a minimum considerably easier.

You want your timber floor installation done by professionals who know how different floor materials and finishes will perform in your environment. We will help you choose just the right flooring material and finish for your home or office. So, get in touch with us for flawless floor installation.

And you can combine these together to achieve different effects. Our specialists will explain it all and help you make the best choice.

Image is of timber floors sanded by Townsville Floor Sanding

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Image is of timber floors sanded by Townsville Floor Sanding

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Deck sanding and staining

The Australian weather will take a toll on any wooden deck. No matter what you do, the sun, rain and temperature fluctuations will cause the finish to fade and boards to crack, warp or come loose. Inevitably, after a few years your wooden deck will need some maintenance or repairs.  We’re the specialists in affordable deck sanding and refinishing in Townsville. We can repair, clean, sand and stain your deck efficiently, and have it looking like new in no time. Sanding and staining your deck not only looks great but is a great to extend its life. Get in touch today for a free quote! 

Commercial floor sanding and polishing Townsville

We understand that commercial floor sanding and polishing is a little different. For one thing, many of our commercial clients need to keep their business running during the process, so it’s especially important to minimize disruptions to business activity. We work with our clients to plan the work at the least disruptive time to avoid costly business downtime. Sometimes that means scheduling overnight work. We have a range of flexible options, including scaling up the size of our crew or doing the work in sections. We can accommodate what works best for your business.

We know the importance of keeping down time to a minimum, so coordinating your project timely and effectively is key to ensuring we are out of there in no time. By engaging the floor sanders Townsville businesses continue to rely on, you know you’re getting the best quality service in the shortest time. 

We’ll finish your floors with the latest odourless, water-based floor polishes, which are both fast drying and durable enough for heavy foot traffic.

Floor installation in Rangewood, Townsville QLD

You don’t have to worry about clean-up, either. Our dustless floor sanding process protects your workplace and equipment.

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Floor installation in Rangewood, Townsville QLD

We are committed to your satisfaction, and our job isn’t done until you have a great-looking floor that you’re fully satisfied with.Let’s start the conversation. Get in touch today for a free consultation and quote.

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Your total solution for floor sanding Townsville

We are totally committed to providing the best quality floor sanding and polishing. We take pride in every step of the process. We use state-of-the-art sanding equipment, and we plan our work carefully to reduce disruptions and keep the job site clean and safe. казино Плей Фортуна

Whatever kind of timber floor you have, hardwood or laminated, old or new, we know the best way to treat it.

Once we’ve prepared your floor surface, we’ll help you select the right finish for the newly sanded floors. To help you visualize how your finished floor will look, we’ll prepare samples using your floor material to show you the variations in tone and sheen that you’ll get with different product combinations.

So whether you’re in Castle Hill, The Strand, North Ward or Magnetic Island, get in touch with our floor sanding team today!

Our partners provide the best hardwood floor refinishing Edmonton residents deserve, so get in touch if you floors need some attention.



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